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A Purpose Built Platform for Commercial Property Investment

Our experience and on-going success with establishing highlighted the necessity to also provide commercial property investors with an elevated online property search and due diligence experience.

CommercialReady presents commercial property investment opportunities for sale to satisfy the requirements of commercial property investors, vendors, and marketing agents. The platform features enriched display listings combined with purpose-built property technology that specifically caters to the commercial investment sector. These features enable investors to swiftly browse through a diversified collection of Australia-wide commercial property assets for sale, as well as undergo immediate property due diligence and feasibility.

Additionally, CommercialReady’s Content Hub provides a source of trusted industry news and insights through a range of mediums, most notably via ‘The Interview’ - our exclusive video and podcast series featuring successful property and business leaders.

CommercialReady is an independently owned Australian company.

Fast Search

Granular, asset and income-based searching

Due Diligence

Integrated map and reporting tools


Portfolio Pages

View asset portfolios



Yield calculator on-page

Auction Hub

Commercial auction tracker


Data-rooms to access property information